Since 2017 Shoe Clinic has been testing methods, products and processes for cleaning and restoring shoes and accessories, with three main goals:

  • Sustainability Reduce superfluous consumption by offering a maintenance and restoration service that increases footwear longevity.

  • Hygiene : Ensure permanent hygiene to prevent the development of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

  • Aesthetics: the maintenance, restoration or customization of your footwear, allowing it to look as good as new.

At Shoe Clinic we believe in clean and sanitized footwear for greater longevity and comfort. We recommend cleaning every 4/6 months to ensure freshness and cleanliness inside, as well as maintaining a like-new look!

We strive for sustainability and have developed an ecological detergent with the policy of always looking for 100% natural and environmentally friendly products.

At the same time, our business model based on drop-off points allows us to reduce travel and transportation by being closer to our customers through a network of partner stores (currently BigFoot, SkyWalker, Bana and PublikCharm), serving a geographically vast public with proximity.

Try it and be amazed with the result!

Shoe laundry and restoration atelier
footwear and accessories



Complete internal and external cleaning, with disinfection, sanitization and waterproofing.

of colors

Restoring or changing the color of your sneakers, in any material (canvas, leather or suede).

Repair and

Shoe repairs and customization, on request.

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