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Shoe Clinic uses a cleaning/washing method developed in-house, the result of specific research and development for the most varied materials used in the manufacture of footwear and accessories.

1. Shoe Clinic has 4 cleaning packages designed to address each case, to which a suede/velvet/sating 4 fee may be added as well as a luxury fee for luxury brands (5 to 10€/pair). The luxury brand list is updated constantly – if a brand is not present it doesn’t exclude that we will add it to the list (and charge the fee) after the team evaluates the shoes and brand.

2. Shoe Clinic is a registered trademark and its improper or unauthorized use is therefore prohibited.

3. The prices due for the services provided must be paid during our delivery, in cash or by card – pick-up/delivery service. Alternatively, you can request IBAN (Sepa Internacional) or make the payment via an online link to pay by debit/credit/virtual card, google pay or apple pay. Regarding the drop off points, Shoe Clinic will send an SMS the day before our delivery at the store with a link to pay by debit, credit or virtual card, google pay or apple pay, and delivery will take place at the store once payment has been confirmed.

4. Orders will only be delivered upon payment of the contracted services.

5. Shoe Clinic will make every effort to meet the delivery deadlines agreed with the customer, and any change in deadlines will be communicated to the customer as soon as possible. If the customer needs a delivery on a specific date, they must expressly communicate this need – which may have an additional cost if it is considered a short period of time for the normal provision of the contracted service (urgency fee – €10/pair).

6. Shoe Clinic will follow the cleaning/washing instructions decided by the customer and will examine each piece before accepting the service – to assess the existence of anomalies or damage that could prevent a normal service. The customer will be responsible for any damage already present on the item, and for any damage that may worsen if the customer wishes to proceed with cleaning without repair. In terms of restoration, damaged areas may not be completely disguised, a fact not attributable to Shoe Clinic.

7. The various materials that make up the garments that Shoe Clinic offers to wash may undergo changes in color and texture characteristics – Shoe Clinic will accept, subject to reservation, garments that include elements that present a risk of loss of shine, discoloration, melting, deformation or peeling.

8. Due to the inherent limitations of the materials (fabrics, leathers or synthetic materials), which are sometimes not detected during examination, Shoe Clinic cannot guarantee that, after cleaning/washing, the garments will retain their color, texture and size characteristics, and that all stains will be removed from the garments.

9. Shoe Clinic will repeat, with no added costs, any cleaning service that is not correctly done. The same for restoration (painting) services, excluding situations where the paint job cannot be done at 100%, and repararions.

10. Except where willful misconduct or gross negligence is proven, the limit of Shoe Clinic’s liability for non-performance or defective performance of the washing/cleaning service entrusted to it by the customer shall be the refund of the price paid by the customer or, in the event of the definitive loss or total destruction of the item the commercial value of the item on the date it was delivered for cleaning/washing/painting.

11. The commercial value of the garment, for the purposes of reimbursement, is determined in accordance with good practices in the washing/cleaning business, taking into account the average initial cost of each garment, its average durability, its depreciation over time, and the cost of replacing it by reducing the commercial value according to age.

12. Complaints must be submitted when the item is delivered, and the customer must examine the item and contact Shoe Clinic immediately when anomalies are found. It will be up to Shoe Clinic to accept complaints after the parts have been picked up. The services have a 15 day guarantee counting from the moment the service is paid, but the itens should not be used if the client want to fill-in a claim to us. During a complaint the client should not use the item in question, until the situation is cleared.

13. Finished pieces must be delivered within 15 (fifteen) days of the first delivery attempt, or two delivery attempts. After this time, the parts will be sent to storage and will only be returned upon payment of storage costs of €10/pair per week, in addition to the services provided. Once 90 (ninety) days have passed without the finished items being picked up or delivered, they will be considered abandoned.

14. In terms of paints, in addition to the limited number of pantones available, viewing these on screens is the client’s responsibility – and the final color chosen may not be exactly the same as the one the client saw. Shoe Clinic will not be responsible for this situation, but will always offer the best solution to the customer based on its experience and the available colors that can be considered for each job. Metalized, reflexive or néon colors will be quoted separately as a reparation – we do not consider these colors normal paint jobs.

15. Pick-up and Delivery is free within the regions of Lisbon, Oeiras, Cascais, Sintra, Amadora, Mafra, Loures (partially), Odivelas and Torres Vedras (partially), Alverca and Vila Franca de Xira (partially) on services of more than 100€. Below this value, collection and delivery will cost 15€ plus the service. Nationwide we work via CTT – registered mail – which costs 10€ up to 2kgs (you can request a shipping address after evaluating the shoes). Between Almada and Caparica the pick-up/delivery rate is always 15€.

16. The pick-up scheduling implies a guarantee on the part of the customer that at the scheduled time someone will be at the address indicated to deliver the footwear and/or accessories to a member of the Shoe Clinic team. In the event of a missed collection, Shoe Clinic will accept a new appointment upon payment of an extra €5 for the missed collection. After two failed pick-ups Shoe Clinic will no longer accept requests for pick-up services. The same applies to booked deliveries. The appointment for pick-up or delivery assumes a margin of 30 minutes around the scheduled time.

17.Footwear and accessories repairs are estimated until the item is received, and may change if it is found that the estimated value does not cover it. The repair directly affects the delivery time of the work and is managed on a case-by-case basis depending on the type of damage to be repaired.

Acceptance by the customer of these General Conditions for the Provision of Washing/Cleaning and Painting Services is a condition for acceptance of the requested Washing/Cleaning, Repair and/or Restoration service.

19. Drop-off Points – Shoe Clinic drop-off points are partner stores that exclusively serve for deliveries and pick-ups of our customers, and do not provide technical support, information, receive payments or any other aspect of the customer’s relationship with Shoe Clinic. The drpop-off points have forms for customers to fill-in with all details regarding the services wanted and contact details. When no cleaning instruction is added Shoe Clinic will decide the best cleaning for each pair delivered. We do not move forward with reparations not requested by the client. At the drop-off points we recommend to take a photograph of the form – as proof of delivery. The items will always be delivered to the same drop-off point and cannot be changed. Contact points do not receive reclamations, they should be addressed directly to Shoe Clinic. If the customer delivers the shoes to a contact point and later gives up the service, they will have to pay a cost of €5/pair for handling them.

20. Navigation on the www.shoeclinic.pt website is the sole responsibility of the user, and the information and prices provided may be altered at any time without prior notice. Any update on our terms and conditions will apply to all jobs in progress – excluding cleaning and reparations prices accorded with the client. Communications with Shoe Clinic by email, phone or contact point form won’t be considered private and can be used in Shoe Clinic marketing, communication and other activities – with maximum respect for client’s privacy. The photographs/videos taken of the client’s products, before and after the work has been carried out, will be the property of Shoe Clinic and it may also use them in its marketing and communication activities.

Alternative Dispute Resolution info

Arbitration Center – Law 144/2015
Company not adhering to an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) entity.
In the event of a dispute, the consumer can turn to an Alternative Dispute Resolution Body:

Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo de Lisboa

Geographical area covered: Lisbon, Alcochete, Almada, Amadora, Azambuja, Barreiro, Cascais, Lisbon, Loures, Mafra, Moita, Montijo, Odivelas, Oeiras, Palmela, Seixal, Sesimbra, Setúbal, Sintra and Vila Franca de Xira.
E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]
Web: http://www.centroarbitragemlisboa.pt
Telephone: +351 218 80 70 30

More information on the consumer portal: www.consumidor.pt

More information on the consumer portal: www.consumidor.pt

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